Which Tennis Ball Machine Is The Best in 2019?

Maybe you’re starting to like playing tennis, have some experience or wants to be a pro, having a nice tennis ball machine will improve your game by a lot. You are wondering what is the best tennis ball machine in the market today.

Well, I have good news for you. Today, I will discuss some popular and effective tennis ball machines out there. The Lobster Elite 2, Elite Grand IV and the Spinshot Pro.

Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine


This is the no.1 in my list. The Lobster Elite 2 is a portable, effective and easy to use tennis ball machine. This machine has a ball capacity of 150 balls. Weighs only 42-lbs it is easy to carry around and put into your car. Its court time is about 4 to 8 hours.

The good thing about this machine is even though it is quite advanced, it is really easy to use even by beginners.

Partner it with your favorite beginner’s racquet and you will definitely feel an improvement. It has vertical and horizontal random oscillation which will challenge you to improve your game. It can throw balls between 20 to 80 mph.

Lobster Sports Elite Grand IV


Next on my list is the super advanced Lobster Elite Grand IV. This is more advanced than the Elite 2. The machine is also portable weighing only 44-lbs. It has 6 pre-loaded drills for more exciting challenges. It also has 150 ball capacity and feed rate of 2-9 secs.

The machine can also run for 4-8 hours. So you should expect continuous playing time. It can also generate topspin and backspin on its own. That feature alone makes the Elite Grand IV a worthy investment.

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine


Last but not the least is the Spinshot Pro. It is made out of durable metal and weighing only 20kgs. Its ball speed varying from 10 kmph to 120 kmph while its feed rate is 2 – 10 secs. Its ball capacity is a little lower than the two Elite models above. It can only handle up to 120 balls.

One main disadvantage of this machine is, it can only run up to 2 hours before it needs to be recharged again. It is advisable to buy a spare battery if you want to practice longer than 2 hours.

Things to look for when buying a tennis ball machine

Programmable – Make sure that you choose a tennis ball machine that you can program easily. It may or may not include advanced program drills but the most important aspect is you should easily program it according to your goals.

Spin – Having a tennis ball machine with topspin and backspin is a good choice.

Speed Range – The ability of the tennis ball machine to throw shots with different speeds.

Weight – An important factor if you want to bring your tennis ball machine anywhere.


These 3 tennis ball machines are great not just for starters but also to the players that have a lot of experience playing tennis. The machines will surely help you to improve your overall gameplay. Although they cost more I think these machines are worth every cent you spent.

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